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Business During COVID

Business During COVID
Published date February 12, 2021
Author admin

Video Killed the Radio Star…or did it? 

The world thought radio would die with the emergence of videos in the music business. Music videos were huge when they first started airing. I was one of those kids that tuned-in to Much TV. Not to mention, I watched many of them including my favorite, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. That was a long time ago and radio has had every chance to fail but it hasn’t. Radio has stayed relevant all these years even since videos.

What has Covid-19 killed?  

Small business?  The economy?  Our Government?  The fallout is still to be determined, but let me tell you what I think. 

In many cases, I believe Covid-19 has killed our spirit! It killed our mental spirit. Society kept talking about the effects of the pandemic on mental health. Many complain about gym closures and how this pandemic is killing their physical being. Entrepreneurs are saying it is killing small-to-big scale businesses. 

While I could agree with all these claims, I have to ask… are these real, or are we letting Covid-19 kill us? Are we succumbing to the onslaught of media and all the negativities? A better question perhaps is, are we doing everything we can do to combat the effects of Covid-19? 

Let me explain. 

What has Covid-19 revived?

If you come to think of it, they closed the gyms, but there are far more ways to exercise. I have a gym membership and was in a good routine before the lockdowns. My desire to get back to that routine is strong, but in the meantime, I am using my limited weight in my basement to keep lifting.  I do more reps with less weight and perhaps not achieve the same results, but I am making a difference. I do a brisk walk outside and now have 4.3 km down to 30 minutes. This is the first January I have ever hiked a peak in the mountains. That was tougher than hiking in summer! 

The Turnaround

In addition, I am spending more time playing cards and board games with my kids than ever before. The other day we were invited to go tobogganing and it was a blast. A little while into tobogganing, two of my kids decided to explore the frozen creek bed and found some sticks to play with. Yes, they were playing with sticks. All we had to do was lure them outside and the imaginations took over from there. Where is your imagination? 

Just recently, my fiancé and I decided to save a bit of money to build our own bedroom furniture This is after we already made some furniture for our living room. This is a project we are excited about since each of us brings a separate skill set. When we are done, we will have spent more quality time together. We created fulfillment by doing it ourselves, and the money we are saving goes into our travel bank for when restrictions are lifted! Thanks to the Government for forcing us to save money.  We are saving more money than ever before. What a bonus!

I simply say look at the bright side of everything.  This is hard when we are wired to our routines.  Our routines of going to the gym, our routines of visiting with friends and neighbors, our routines of binge-watching TV and our routines in business.

The Marketing Piece

What is normal or abnormal about your business during Covid times?  If your business is not thriving then open your eyes, get away from the negative routines and get creative.  Do something different! 

  • If the online presence of your business needs improvement, now is the time to do that work. 
  • If you don’t know where to start, now is the time to engage with a professional. 
  • If you are saying, “I don’t have the money to invest”, think about what will happen if you don’t 

The competition is already coming for you, what are going to do to fight them off.  Nothing is not the answer.  I know this isn’t what you asked for, I know this isn’t fair and I know you just want to blame someone for the position you and your business are in but that isn’t going to fix anything.  The answers to the problems start with you. 

Look at your social media platforms, look at the shape, relevancy, and current status of your website.  Make the necessary upgrades now!  What is your business model and how can you change it to take advantage of today’s times?  If you do not know how to do this, there is help!  I promise. 

There is help for you and your business, there is help for your state of mental health and there is help for your physical health.  You just have to start looking for a change, looking for help and get away from the negative routines that are simply not working.  I hope this has helped!

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