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Let Experts Build Your Website

Let Experts Build Your Website
Published date February 19, 2021
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There is an old joke;

“How many (insert nationality) does it take to change a light bulb?” 

This old joke brought up the question for me; How many experts does it take to build a website?  While this answer may seem obvious, it is far from a simple answer. 

Building a Website

Building a website can be equated to building a house. 

Can anyone build a house?  Sure, why not! 

Go to Youtube and you will likely find every scenario possible to build your own house. I believe some individuals have been successful in doing this, but truthfully few will take on such a monumental task. Building a house typically requires a number of skilled tradespeople, perhaps architects, engineers, and designers as well. Building a website is pretty similar. 

It is true there are individuals working from home right now building websites. Some of them do it well and provide themselves with a good income.  Some have gotten quite good at it, and others are admittedly amateurs who dabble as a hobby. 

Where Do I Start?

There are also a number of platforms available to build a website upon; Wix, Square Space, Strikingly, and WordPress to name a few. These are providers with easy plug-and-play features.  Some of these platforms make it incredibly easy to create a website, in fact, almost anyone could do it. 

The question is, what is it you are doing?  Are you building a landing page?  Are you able to build upon the base when your business grows?  Is a plug-and-play website designed for the DIY’er going to provide what your business needs? 

Moreover, the most important question is what your customer sees when viewing your website?  Do they see an amateur website?  Do they see a business that cannot represent themselves properly?  Or do they see your competitors as superior because their website is professionally done? 

Back when I was a kid, my dad used to cut my hair – it was terrible.  He had a Canadian Tire barber set with little to no skill, and I paid the price every day with my bowl cut of a hairstyle.

In today’s modern and highly competitive world of websites, if you do not have a professional site that delivers what the customer expects, you could be losing out. 

How Many Experts Does It Take to Build a Website?

There are so many experts building beautiful websites. These beautiful and sometimes complex sites require many experts in their respective fields.  Today it is common, in a professional marketing firm, who build business websites to find:

  • a Project Coordinator who organizes the job and workflow,
  • a Website Designer who provides the visual design and UX (user experience),
  • a Front End Developer who provides UI (user interface) and functionality,
  • a Back End Developer who ensures the website work in accordance with the design,
  • an SEO Specialist who analyzes keywords and provide competitive reports to assure your ahead of your competitors,
  • a Copy Writer who provides the content,
  • a Graphic Designer who creates the artwork and graphics, and reviewed by
  • an Art Director

Wow! That is a lot of people working on one site, but in reality, they all have a role and a purpose. 

If I was to brag, I would tell you I have many skills. I am even a journeyman electrician, but I would never attempt to build my own house. I know a bit about copy write but I lean on SEO specialists to analyze my content.  Knowing what I have learned about all these key positions and skillsets, I would never want to build my own website.

Why Hire an Expert?

A real-life example easy to understand, in layman’s terms, would be to let your family doctor perform open-heart surgery on you.  While your family doctor might be professional and credible in his field, it would be best to have a specialist perform open-heart surgery on you. 

Hopefully, you will never require either of these surgeries, but if you need a professional website, I hope you consider all the experts required and find a company that can provide what your business website deserves!

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