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Opt-In vs Opt-Out in Marketing

Opt-In vs Opt-Out in Marketing
Published date January 25, 2021
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The father of social psychology, Kevin Lewin stated, “make the actions you want to encourage easier, akin to moving downhill; and make the actions you want to discourage more difficult, akin to moving uphill.”

This is the “Opt-In and Opt-Out principle” in a nutshell. Psychology expert suggests that a push in the right direction will contribute in changing someone’s behavior.

Similarly, this principle applies in marketing.

The Power of Opt-In vs Opt-Out in Marketing

When you desire your customers to take any action on your business, you should not only persuade them but give them a direction by encouraging them even more. This will come with its limitations, but when used insightfully will create value and impact.

This is where the power of Opt-in vs Opt-out comes to play in marketing. A simple yet powerful tool for marketers, business owners, advertisers, etc. Consequently, this will help identify and eliminate obstacles you encounter with your business.

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