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Power of Opt-In Opt-Out

Power of Opt-In Opt-Out
Published date January 29, 2021
Author admin

The Power of Opt-In Opt-Out is a powerful marketing tool if used properly!

The master of opt-in opt-out is life insurance on a mortgage. Remember the last time you signed a mortgage? The box to buy life insurance was already checked for you. Some might be asking themselves, “Hey, did I even have an option?” The answer is yes, you did. The mortgage company opt-you-in by default and you would have to opt-out with a checkmark.  That said, I am not saying life insurance isn’t a good idea, but there are options! 
Another good example is purchasing merchandise online. At some point in the online purchase process, a box might already have been checked for you to receive marketing material and sign-up for the mailing list. If you do not want this, you will have to uncheck the box.

Let me explain this in a very powerful and meaningful example.

Understanding the Effects of Opt-In Opt-Out

In North America, you must check a box on your driver’s license to be an organ donor. This results in approximately 10-20% of the population checking the box. Only those organs will only go to needy recipients on the waiting list. To me, this seems to be a waste, especially with the increase in cremations vs burials. Why do we need to take our productive organs to the grave or incinerator?

That in mind, let us compare it to Europe’s organ donation process.

In Europe, the box for organ donors is checked by default. Those not in favor to donate their organs can simply uncheck the box on their driver’s license. This results in approximately 80% of all people donating their organs. Imagine the number of lives that could be saved by a simple checkmark?

The power of opt-in vs opt-out is indeed a powerful marketing tool. Be careful not to offend your customers by attempting an assumed sale, but moreover, do not miss the opportunity to check the box for the customer when the proper opportunity arises!

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