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Social Media Marketing Knockout Punch

Social Media Marketing Knockout Punch
Published date February 26, 2021
Author admin

When it comes to Social Media Marketing (SMM), Gary Vaynerchuk may have hit the nail on the head with his book titled, “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook”. He admits his book on SMM should have been called, “Jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, right hook” because this is how many times you should tease people on social media with entertaining or engaging content before trying to sell them (right hook) for the first time.

Punch Hard on Social Media

SMM is about entertainment and engagement. Have you ever wondered why your ad for your product or service never went viral? It’s simply not funny or entertaining. People spend hours upon hours on social media as a form of entertainment. They want to see whose lives are more interesting than their own. They want to ask their social community ridiculous questions about products and services. Consequently, looking for recommendations, when there is Google, with Google reviews, yeah go figure. These people do it for recognition; likes, shares, and comments because it triggers a little dopamine in their otherwise dopamine-less day.

If I was your friend on social media and tried to sell you something every day or even every week, what would you do? You would delete me faster than you can say, “Jack Sprat”. This is why selling is not recommended on social media.

Therefore, how do businesses gain recognition, traction, or relevancy on social media? This is the question everyone should be asking. The answer is, it’s really difficult. Being relevant while also being entertaining and engaging is difficult.

A Champion’s Example

In order to illustrate how to do this, I like to use the example of Yeti. Yeti makes drinkware and coolers. They are high-end products that do not sell for cheap. Here is what I noticed about Yeti that has kept me opting-in their email list, and following them on social media. I already have a few YETI cups and am not in the market for more, or am I?

Beat the Count on Social Media

The first thing they do is make a really cool product, then they expand from there with their market audience. They show their audience the many lifestyle activities associated with using a cooler or insulated drinkware. They show people fly fishing, rock climbing, kayaking, camping, overlanding, etc. These activities are shown in a really cool and inviting way.

  • Meanwhile, on social media, these are what people every day would rather be doing, so it becomes engaging.
    • Then they go one step further and share designer drink recipes to put in the drinkware, which is super engaging. Who doesn’t want to be out in the woods with a chef-inspired drink in their YETI cup, or prepare a cooler full of these drinks for all their friends?
      • Furthermore expanding their audience, they select extreme athletes who perform in these lifestyle activities as brand ambassadors. Those athletes share their Spotify music playlists with the YETI audience.

All this goes on without ever asking anyone to buy a YETI cup, but wait, don’t you want one right now? Once in a while they will display end of season product at discount prices and they will feature new models but this is after you have already fallen in love with the brand! At this point everything is linked to their website and “Bob’s your Uncle” you are buying yeti products.

K.O. Take-Away

The key here is to understand the difference between owning your own real estate (website) and renting or leasing space (social media). You cannot/should not sell on space you do not own. Engage on social media and sell on your website!

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