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Is it Time for Logo Redesign?

Is it Time for Logo Redesign?
Published date January 18, 2021
Author admin

There is a misconception that your business logo will stand the test-of-time without a single change, but that is unrealistic. We live in a fast-paced world where trends change faster than the seasons. This fast-paced world could leave your logo out-of-date and give your business the impression  your brand is indeed old-fashioned, and incapable of adapting to trends.  Many businesses and corporations consistently update their logo to keep up with current and modern trends.

We understand it’s crucial to know when to re-design your logo, and  it’s important to evaluate by asking yourself the following questions:

Can my logo adapt to multiple media platforms?
Does my logo align with my branding?
Does my logo speak to my current target clients?
How is it compared to my new competitors? Does it stand-out?
Do I still feel 100% confident with my business logo?

Do you have your answers? Let’s talk more about logo redesign.

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