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Website First Impression

Website First Impression
Published date February 5, 2021
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What kind of first impression is your website giving, does it clearly identify who your company is, what your company does, and why it exists? Is your logo and company style properly displayed? Does it tell the story of what you do and who you are?  

It’s important to remember that:

You cannot make a second first impression.

There will only be one.

This is true for first meetings between friends, romantic dates, business meetings, as well as company logos, and websites.

For instance, have you ever walked into a business and immediately received a good vibe, a good gut feeling?  Similarly, have you ever walked into a business where the staff was not providing good customer service – frowning or just preoccupied and not eager to help? This exact thing happens every second of the day on company websites too!  What image does your company website portray?

What Makes A Good Website

More and more consumers are looking for someone else to provide a reference before blindly hiring a company.  How often do we see on social media, individuals asking for recommendations from their social community?

In the website world, this is commonly known as reputation management.  Does your site have testimonials and Google ratings and what story do those former customers have to say about your company?  At a glance these are all the first impressions a visitor to your website will see. 

Moreover, your audience will see how professional your site looks if:

  • it is mobile friendly,
  • the design is up-to-date (or trendy),
  • the testimonials are current,
  • your blogs are new and original,
  • your team list is current and the pictures are professionally taken

Not to mention, lately, it’s been a trend to go online and research the people behind the business. While some business leaders give credit to their team for building the company, does their team receive the recognition they deserve on their company webpage?  Give credit where credit is due. Richard Branson stated, “the most important people are my employees, in turn, they take care of our customers”.

What To Consider

In conclusion, there is much to consider when hosting a website. More often than not, these are things that most business owners take for granted, not because they don’t care but rather it’s just not top-of-mind for them. Why would they anyway? Their business is not to create a professional website, that is the job of a website provider.

A good website provider will not only develop and keep the site current but will also keep it looking fresh and manage the reputation. 

Then there is SEO. Other than an SEO specialist, does anyone really know what SEO is, or what it means, how it actually works?  Most do not, even if they say they do. I think I will leave SEO to a future blog article.

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