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Why Get A New Logo Design?

Why Get A New Logo Design?
Published date January 22, 2021
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Is it a good time for a new logo?

A lot of business owners struggle with this question. It is quite likely you had a lot to do and say when you created your current logo, and you like it. While your current logo may have been perfect at the time it was created, if any time has gone by, it should be re-evaluated.

A good logo will last long. Any agency worth their weight should be able to design a logo with longevity. After all, getting a logo redesigned is costly, and in addition to that is the cost for rebranding signs, equipment, stationery, etc.

Is it worth the change?

Large corporations clearly believe it is, as many have undergone logo designs over time.

Safeway has always had an “S” on its logo, but that “S” has changed over time. Similarly, the Saskatchewan Roughriders have also tweaked their “S” logo over time.

I sit on the board of the YMCA of Northern Alberta. The YMCA was an acronym for Young Men’s Christian Association. Today, especially in Canada and America, we are known as the “Y”. We are open and inclusive to all genders, ages, and beliefs. It is with this the logo has changed to a simple “Y”.

Another example of a great reason to change a logo regardless of design and trend is with Aeroplan. Aeroplan is a rewards program of Air Canada. Two to three decades ago, Aeroplan was the definitive choice for rewards programs and was one of the pioneers in the airline industry. It was also attached to a credit card where spending related to points. This was revolutionary at that time. Most people I knew, including myself, carried a CIBC AEROPLAN Visa card. Somewhere between the lines, the card switched from CIBC to TD Canada Trust. The rewards program not only passed but perhaps lapped several times by their competitors.

Recently, Aeroplan launched a new program. While I have yet to review the plan details, Aeroplan’s marketing suggests the plan is totally new and revised. There would not be a way to have a new plan using a two-decade-old logo. It is clear that Aeroplan created a new logo to go together with their new program, thus a new face for the brand.

Should I get a new logo?

If your business model or client base has changed significantly…or if your competitors are passing or lapping you already…plus if your logo is old and tired…It is time to fresh things up. You definitely need a new logo!

A piece of advice: If you are just starting out in business and could not afford a professional logo, now might be the time to invest in a professional logo design to take you and your company/brand to the next level.

A word of caution: Taking pictures and images, from sources that are under copyright, and repurposing them to be part of your logo design, could have legal consequences. Be sure to investigate where your design images come from. A common method of logo design is contesting. There are websites promoting this for very reasonable prices but unfortunately does not take liability if one of their subscribed artists uses images under copyright in your logo. This will be for you and your lawyer to defend and at that point, your brand will be tarnished.

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