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In the complicated world of marketing, Brand U Agency, provides a simplistic approach to building websites, branding your company, and developing custom cloud solutions. Combining creativity, innovation and modern technology, we will catapult your business ahead of your competitors.

Management Team

Igor Makarov

Igor Makarov

Partner - Technology

Raphael Bohlmann

Partner - Strategy

Ruslan Makarov

Ruslan Makarov

Director of Development

Maria Chobitko

Maria Chobitko

Director of Art

Mission Statement:
Think Creatively
To Provide Value

Creativity. Strategy. Impact

  1. Brand Creativity. Marketing requires a creative Brand and Brand Culture. After careful consultation to fully understand your differentiated value proposition, we will create a vision and design that fits your business and your Brand. Brand U will help design the “who and why” of your business, and then identify your target client and ensure they not only know you exist, but genuinely appreciate and care that you do! Combining creative thinking and leading-edge technology we will carve out a design perfect for U.

  2. Strategic Marketing. The definition of Strategy is broken down into 2 parts; “Create Value” and “Capture Value”. One without the other is simply not enough. Strong Brand recognition is the foundation of every solid Marketing Plan. There is also a certain culture that goes with every Brand and once we identify these key factors with you, the strategy will come together to form a solid executable blueprint. We will combine your vision with our expertise and create a Strategy that will both Create and Capture Value for your customers.

  3. Impactful Results. If you are looking for “Impact” you must be prepared for a crash. Did you know a group of Rhinoceros are called a “Crash”? This may be due to the fact a rhinoceros can run faster (55Kph) than it can see. Brand U Agency will help your Brand make a loud noise to ensure you are getting noticed and you capture the value your Brand has created. We will ensure your marketing has a strong impact to deliver results that are calculated, measurable and expected.

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